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In AOE3, Amepoli plays a key role in the storyline. An Amepoli envoy was sent to La Boca del Rio, where the king was captured. The envoy was successful and at the end of the war the king's daughter Aecilia was forced to marry a peasant and the king was forced to flee. The Amepoli family was wiped out in the war. Most of the surviving members were sent to the cities and the Amepoli were associated with the art and culture. The Amepoli family continued to be associated with art and culture. A friendship between Don Silvio and El Jefe de los Centauros seems to have been a source of disagreement between the latter and the emperor. It seems that the Amepoli and Centauros families were associated in some way. The Amepoli family was also closely associated with the church. In one occasion, there is a scene where Don Agostino reports the arrival of the archbishop. The main enemies of the Amepoli family are the Centauros and the Centauros family. After the Amepoli are defeated the Amepoli palace, where most of the Amepoli clan is residing, is destroyed. The Amepoli family are sometimes described as leaders of the Amepoli family, being the head of the family, even if this is not true. A novel from the series, El Precio de la Gloria, doesn't seem to support this idea. It is not known if the Amepoli family were related to the Amate family of Spain. Themes Tropes used include the Catholic Church, government (Spanish Inquisition), and family. "Our story is set in the nineteenth century, and the Amate family, a noble family that has been given the mandate of administering the colony, and the mission of ensuring the safety of the Crown in the region. The main topics that the novel deals with are the monarchist tradition and its moral values, the history of La Amate and its development and the conflict between two divergent ideologies: the government, which is royalist, as is the monarchy, and the Centauros, who claim to be the true heirs to the original vision of the empire and who insist on the construction of an army and navy. The Amate and Centauros ideologies were inspired by Spain and the missions in the New World. The role of

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